• Tennis Court Construction

    Tennis court construction with Fake grass: If the subject is tennis, the ball bounces quality in the game is so important. According to ball’s bounce speed ITF ( International Tennis Federation ) classified the courts. Hatko Sport are presents the game quality to amateur and professional players with the system which they developed. Even if the international sports compeitions can de done in this ground and it does not involve the enjoyment of clay tennis courts.

  • Tennis Court Types

    • Syntethic Grass Tennis Court Construction
    • Indoor and outdoor syntethic grass tennis court construction cost
    • Tartan Floor Tennis Field Construction
    • Indoor or outdoor tartan floor tennis court construction  
    • Acrylic Floor Tennis Court Construction
    • Indoor or outdoor acrylic floor  tennis court construction  

    Tennis courts generally consrtucted in 18m x 36m measures. Our tennis court which we done examined in 3 titles. These 3 types of tennis court’s floor done with syntethic surfaces. Syntethic ground tennis court construction and maintenance are more advantages than the other tennis court ground. Especially natural grass tennis court maintenance is hard and costly. Please call us if you want to learn syntethic floor tennis courts construction costs:

    •  Syntethic Grass Tennis Court
    • Tartan Floor Tennis Court
    • Acrylic Floor Tennis Court

    Indoor and outdoor Tennis Court Construction

    Tennis courts can be changes according to grounds but generally it divided into two groups: Indoor and outdoor

    Outdoor tennis court consttructions and features :

    Tennis Court ConstructionProfessional tennis corurt competitions generally playing in with open and grandstand courts. For outdoor tennis courts, tribune types are divided into portable or stationary turbines. Furthermore, the stands can be covered with special steel construction structures.

    In addition to professional tennis courts, outdoor tennis courts are the most preferred and economical solution. It is preferred in the gardens of public housing estates, school gardens, free tennis courts in municipalities, in the sports grounds of hotels and in the gardens of big sports halls (usually made as acrylic floors).

    What is the features of outdoor tennis courts ?

    Open tennis courts generally are made in 4m heights and surrounded with wire fences if there is not a special offers. It can be preferred from th types of syntethic grass , the most popular floor type is acrylic floor. The light system is optional, it is added according to customer requests. LED or Halide projectors used in.

    Indoor tennis court construction and features

    Our customers who prefer indoor tennis courts are usually those who play tennis for tennis and have a tennis school. In this respect, it is possible to offer tennis at any time of the day and to customers of all ages without being affected by sun or winter conditions.

    Indoor tennis courts are made as steel construction by Hatko Sports. With stell construction our courts covered izolated with tarpaulin or special PVC covering products. These type of indoor tennis field is more durable and airy than to balloon courts. When desired, all side tarps can be opened and continuous air flow can be provided.

    What is the features of indoor tennis courts ?

    indoor courts are manufactured as steel scissor system which is superimposed on main columns of 3-4m height. As the roof covering generally used in colorfest tarpalium, and also we have pcv covering products. It can be preferred from th types of syntethic grass , the most popular floor type is acrylic floor. For the light system LED or halide projector can be used.

    The company Which Is Done The Tennis Courts

    For learning tennis court construction cost, you can call the Hatko Sports marketing departmant or you can get offers from our dealers.

    Tennis court construction Cost

    After you decided the best field combination options which we explained it above, you can get free information from us with your tennis field measures. fort he learning of tennis court constuction cost you can send mail to us or you can directly call and take support from us.

     What is the Tennis courts measures

    The standard tennis court measures are 18 m x 36 m. It determined by ITF. (International Tennis Federation) In the areas where professional competitions are to be performed, the playground lines within these measurements should be drawn in a completely defined dimension. The dimensions of the areas where professional competitions will not be made can be changed according to the availability of the area.