Fabricant de faux gazon en Turquie

FFake grass is a surface manufactured from synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports that were originally or are normally played on grass. However, it is now being used on residential lawns and commercial applications as well.

Where The Fake grass  is Used?

  • Indoor and outdoor carpet areas
  • İndoor and outdoor football stadiums
  • Tennis court construction
  • Golf field
  • According to FIFA standards, it is used in fields for international football competitions.
  • Baseball fields
  • Rugby fields
  • Used in gardens, parks, roofs, balconies and terraces for aesthetic purposes.

What is Fake Turf?

When we talk about artificial turf, football, golf, tennis and lots of spor area’s surfaces comes our minds. The usage area of artificial turf is  increasing in recent years. Well, what is artificial turf and what is the advantages of artificial turf when we compared to the natural turf, lets look at together.

Artificial grass used in small and big sport areas surfaces. The raw material o artificial turf is petrolium and when we compate to the natural turf the usage of artificial turf is easier than the natural turf. Artifical turf covered the field surfaces like a carpet and it is a surface covering technigues and produced with high technology. Firstly artificial turf is thougt about for children. In our concrete World the game areas quite decreased in recent years. And people wanted to create more healty and secure game areas. Firstly in Rhode Island in the school of Moses Brown they are constructed an activity areas  in 1964. After that these systems developed and lastly the The International Football Federation (FIFA) decided to use artificial turf at all international level football fields as of 2004-2005 season. With this the artificial turf usage is quite increased. When we compare to the natural turf the artificial turf’s life is so long and this situation is one of the reason of choosing artificial turf.

We can say that one of the other reason choosing of artificial turf is global warming. The climate conditions is changing and the water resources are decreasing day by day. When looking at the situation in this way, the use of artificial turf means less water usage than natural grass, which reduces both water costs and natural resources. Now let’s look at where the artificial turf is used.

Benefits of fake Turf

  • Highly resistant to abrasion. Therefore, it provides the opportunity to do sports on the same field for longer.
  • No puddle problem. Once the drainage channels in your site’s infrastructure have been properly constructed, there is no puddle, and naturally this will prevent the shadowing of football competitions. Provides the opportunity to do sports in more enjoyable and healthy conditions.
  • Extremely hot and extremely cold weather is not affected. For example, a football team coming to the camp can easily use your artificial turf in all weather conditions. Because it is very resistant to heat and cold does not wear and there is no risk of disassembly.
  • A soft texture is provided on the ground using spr and epdm granules. Since the sand is not used, the ground is filled so as not to disturb the athlete.
  • In artificial turf surfaces is easier to control the ball. Even the bounce rate of the ball affects the football technique. Natural grass ball is not always able to control the way we want to, because the floor is indented and protruding. But the bounce rate of the ball on the artificial turf is always the same and you can easily control the ball. This will give you a better quality and fun game.

The Advantages of Fake Grass

  1. Easy to maintenance. When we compare to the natural grass, artificial grass is not required maintenance often because it is not easily frazzle. The maintenance of artificial grass is easier than the natural grass. In daily care, only general cleaning is done and maintenance repetitions are done monthly, 3 months, 6 months and annually.
  2. Long service life: Artificial turf is longer than 10 years if properly maintained.
  3. Visually very aesthetic: Artificial turf floor does not cause any visual disturbance as it does not wear out easily. Your floor will give you a smooth and aesthetic appearance for a very long time with proper care.
  4. Reduced slippery: there is little chance of injury when you are doing any sports on artificial turf because it is slippery and does not give a distorted appearance like natural grass. Soccer, for example, natural grass in the field while doing sports spikes nails into the ground to cause the grass to come out of the situation, both the quality of football and also increases the likelihood of injury. As Hatko Sport, we produce and offer you the most suitable artificial grass carpets for your floor.
  5. Artificial turf color does not fade: This situation is very important in terms of aesthetic image. An aesthetic image always attracts more customers. Artificial grass is resistant to sun rays and does not fade easily.
  6. Its cost is low: Artificial turf construction and laying is very convenient when compared to natural grass. Because, as we mentioned, it requires much less maintenance and reduces the costs because it is not affected by the weather conditions.

As can be seen, artificial turf is much more advantageous than natural grass, more profitable and easy to maintain. As Hatko Spor, we work with our professional team to give you the best service.

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  • Quality Certificate
  • Duo color
  • High Quality Polymers
  • UV resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Professional Use
  • Amateur  Community Use
  • Skin Friendly
  • High Resilience
  • High Durability
  • Pile height : 40, 50, 55, 60mm
  • Infill : SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad : N/A
  • Norms : NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications : FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage : Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer
  • Pile height: 40, 50, 55, 60mm
  • Infill: SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad: Insitu / Elastolay / Foam / Aircell 10
  • Norms: NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications: FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage: Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer
  • Pile height: 40, 50, 55, 60mm
  • Infill: SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad: Insitu / Elastolay / Foam / Aircell 10
  • Norms: NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications: FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage: Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer