Football Carpet Field Construction


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Carpet Field Construction

Football is the most played and followed sport around the world. That is why the curiosity of football is increasing day by day. As the curiosity of football increased, the number of people who wanted to learn to play football started to increase. That’s why we need more football fields. Football carpet field construction is a sports field made by many stages. As Hatko Sport, we have more than 30 years of experience in the sector. We are able to produce almost all sports grounds, especially football. Now let’s examine the stages of football carpet field construction together.

Carpet field ( astro turf ) construction stages can be evaluated in two stages;

  • First Stage; Official Transactions
  • Second Stage; Construction Phase

can be evaluated as.

  1. First Stage

To determine the area we will make a carpet field, to investigate the zoning plan from the relevant municipality and to obtain the necessary permissions for the construction of the carpet field. At this stage, in order to get permission from the municipality in a shorter time, our company provides the necessary projects and technical drawings related to carpet field construction to our customers free of charge.

  1. Second Stage

After the application works of our engineers in the field where the carpet field will be made, the appropriate infrastructure formwork is started to be made and at the same time we have started the steel production of the carpet field project that we have determined in our factory. After the carpet field infrastructure is finished, we provide the steel construction that we have finished manufacturing in the factory to the construction site. Our expert team performs the assembly of our finished steel. It takes about ten days for the steel installation on the construction site. Immediately behind the previously prepared wire, mesh, electrical installation is performed. According to the weather conditions, the covering process (canvas-hair, etc.) is done. The carpet is then mounted on the floor and the field is delivered in approximately 30 working days.

Do not decide without taking price from our company which is the leader in carpet field production sector and visiting us. On our website, we shared some of our football carpet field construction projects in stages. You can review here and call us for all your questions.

We are aware that guaranteed and high quality solutions depend on the quality of the raw materials and we take the quality of raw materials into consideration. In addition to the guarantee we offer with our products, our products are delivered before the sale after the planning, supervision and analysis of our expert staff in order not to have problems for our customers. For further information please contact Hatko Sport.

  • Quality Certificate
  • Duocolor
  • High Quality Polymers
  • High UV resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Professional Use
  • Amateur / Community Use
  • Skin Friendly
  • High Resilience
  • High Durability

Omega XL
Football Grass

  • Pile height 40/60 mm
  • Dtex 18.000/6
  • Micron 470
  • Width 1.7 mm
  • Ply  6 filament
  • Ribs 12



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