Artificial Turf

Gazon Artificiel en Turquie

Artificial Grass

On best Natural Turf Fields the turf blades have a concave structure, but it is not enough for the perfect results for long playing hours. Hatko engineers revolved the natural turf pitches blades with the engineering techniques and created our new patented turf blade profile OMEGA.

If you have an appropriate area and you want to make an Artificial Turf ?  and are you wondering about the required materials for construct an astroturf ? actually if you have an appropriate places the rest is not a problem. Because the most important part of this finding an appropriate place. And after that you can call the firms which is expert of this areas and sue a detail informations and offers.

The Hatko Sports is the first firm when we think about these firms. Not only prices offers, also you can get a detail information about for installation and maintenance of synthetic grass.

  • Duocolor Monofilament Fibers
  • 12.000 dtex, 240 micron thickness
  • Exclusive Yarn For HATKO by TENCATE
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Innovative resilient Design
  • XQ PE Polymers 12.000 cylcles of Lisport XL Performance
  • 5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy

If we list the required materials for construction of Artificial Turf ;

Of course the first one is artificial grass carpet; it can be different type and differences, actually the thickness of carpet is start with 10mm and goes 60 mm, but mostly used carpet measures is 50mm or 55mm thickness fibrile veya monofilament. The astroturf grass prices changes according to both a thickness and types.  It is possible to find different tones of green. Using diifferent tones you can make your astroturf as a zebra pattern. Generally the width of artificial grass is 4m, the lenght of artificial grass is 25m. It can be longer than this but it is not advised because of the rolls could be so heavy.

If we continue to required materials for asroturf, glue, helmetin gland and felt can be listed. If your floor is hard core, you can use the felt if you want to increase the artificial grass life. If your floor is concrete or asphalt you do not need to use felt. The amount of felt should be up to the amount of carpet area and up to multiples of 200 m2 because 1 ball felt is 200 m2.

As the price of felt is cheap, this amount does not affect the price of the carpet field turf.

Glue and helmetin gland advised in sufficient quantity by Hatko. In addition, the necessary materials for the astroturf are sand and granules. The quantity of these materials can be changes according to the system which we made. Hatko is present to you the best system and quantity  with Artificial grass prices.

  • Quality Certificate
  • Duocolor
  • High Quality Polymers
  • High UV resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Professional Use
  • Amateur / Community Use
  • Skin Friendly
  • High Resilience
  • High Durability
  • Pile height: 18mm,26mm,40mm,50mm,60mm
  • Infill :SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad : N/A
  • Norms: NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications: FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage : Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer
  • Pile height: 18,26,40,50,60mm
  • Infill: SBR/ Coated SBR / Cork / EPDM
  • Shock pad: Insitu / Elastolay / Foam / Aircell 10
  • Norms: NF / EN / DIN
  • Certifications: FFA Q / FFAQP / WR / GAA
  • Usage: Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Mini Soccer