PVC Sports Flooring

The floors used in sports is quite important. Because athletes/sporters need to show superior performance on this floor. The fact that the floor is of good quality is proof that athletes are doing sports in a healthier environment. That’s why many different sports floors have been developed for athletes. And it is still being developed. Especially for indoor sports halls, there is a variety of flooring types that are developed and used.

PVC Sports Floors appear at this point. As Hatko Sport, we produce the best PVC sports floors with years of experience.

The PVC Sports Floring Usage is Increasing

The performance of sports floor systems directly affects the quality of sports activities and the health of athletes. Interaction between the floor and the shoes in terms of athlete’s health is the most important determinant of the standing and leg loads. This interaction can cause injury to muscles, beams, ligaments, bones and cartilages. The stretching and friction properties of the sports ground are also very important in terms of injuries. A floor with good stretching properties can significantly reduce the load on the bones, joints, girders, and low friction properties, while significantly reducing the loads on the joints.

What is The Advantages of PVC Sports Floring

PVC is the perfect material to meet the needs of indoor sports flooring. It is homogeneous and aesthetic. Different thicknesses according to the need, color and pattern options as well as the economical application due to the ease of application. Thanks to its pure PVC coating wear layer, it provides the opportunity to obtain solid floors. It is one of the most important features of being resistant to scratches, reducing sound transmission, being hygienic, having shock absorption, low maintenance and cleaning costs.

  • Made of 100% recyclable material.

Note: Producing PVC sports floor from 100% recycled material is proof that the product does not contain any harmful material. In addition, Hatko Sport PVC sports floors are produced without the use of heavy metals. It is the most healthy and environmentally friendly product for the environment. In this way, your children will be able to exercise on a healthier ground and show their skills in a better way. All wastes are ready for recycling by using the latest technology. As Hatko Sport, we provide the recycling of production wastes and we bring these substances back into production.

  • Slippery ground that minimizes the possibility of injury.

Note: The possibility of injury during sports is a very terrible possibility. If you are injured, you will not be able to do your favorite sport for a while and you will have pain for being injured. PVC sports floors were created to prevent this. These floors will create an environment where you can do your sports safely.

  • PVC sports flooring is a long-lasting product that you can use for many years.

Note: You will not pay any extra costs due to the high quality and long life of such floors. It is a product you can use for many years with peace of mind.

  •  One of the most important features of these floors is that the bounce percentage of the ball is very good.

Note: The bounce percentage of the ball is directly proportional to the success of the sport you will do. Because you move according to the percentage of the bounce of the ball and adjust your speed according to him. If the bouncing percentage of the ball is low, you cannot get 100% efficiency from the sport. However, this is not the case in PVC sports floors. Thanks to this floor, you can perform your sports successfully.

The Usage Areas of PVC SPort Florings

Basketball Yoga Saloons Aerobic Footsal Gym
Handball Voleyball Hospitals Kindergarten Dorm
Movie Theater Theater Hall Concert Hall Fair Grounds Management Buildings
State Buildings Dining Hall Laboratory Super markets Public Buildings


As mentioned above, it is common for commercial use in private sectors as it is used for many sports PVC sports floors. Especially for today’s indoor sports halls, you can prefer this type of floor under the assurance of Hatko Sport.

As you can see, you have many reasons to prefer Hatko Sport PVC sports floors. So if you want to do sports in a safer environment and want to enjoy the sport, please contact us.

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ATHLON FP  System is an impermeable outdoor track system  in total thickness of 15mm  specially  designed  for  excellent  resilience, energy restitution and shock absorption for professional athletic competitions. Athlon FP is installed in a multi- layered application and  featuring 3 specialized layers  : a self-levelling fluid two-component polyurethane and recycled rubber / colored EPDM;  an engineered central force reduction self-levelling two-component polyurethane foam layer; a flexible high-performance self-levelling two-component polyurethane layer, embedded with colored EPDM granules. The system strictly adheres to the IAAF’s technical requirements.

HATKO Athlon MP Athletic Track Surfacing system is a seamless and elastic synthetic floor covering comprising a permeable sandwich type construction of special in-situ shock absorbent SBR and  EPDM rubber layers in desired thickness. The first layer applied is primer, then 10-40mm thick elastic in-situ rubber base, followed by 5-10mm thick EPDM layer poured in place. The system can be finished with an optional aliphatic UV resistant lacquer.
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Flooring Colors

RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow

RAL 3016 Coral Red

RAL 5015 Sky Blue

RAL 6021 Pale Green

RAL 6027 Light Green

RAL 8024 Beige Brown

RAL 9010 Pure White

RAL 9017 Traffic Black